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Mid-Hudson Cable brings you a world of entertainment. From your TV with thousands of programming for everyone in the family to your tablet or laptop where you can enjoy what you want, like never before at the fastest connection to the internet.

Introducing…eero from Mid-Hudson Cable

A Mid-Hudson Wi-Fi solution. eeros work together to deliver fast, reliable WiFi to every room of your home — no slow spots, dead spots, drop offs, or buffering.

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We’ve upgraded our internet plan speeds

All standard internet plans now include a minimum of 150 Mbps downstream.

We’ve invested a substantial amount in our network to bring next-level broadband to the community!

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Maximize your entertainment

With Mid-Hudson High Speed Internet, everything you want is just a click away. Read the latest headlines, keep up with your favorite bands, download movie clips, play the latest online games, send photos to family across the country and more.


WatchTVeverywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, your smartphones, your laptop and other devices from anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: inside your house, at the office, hotel, airport, vacation home and everywhere.

What is eero?

eero is WiFi that makes your home better. eero delivers a consistently strong signal everywhere you need it — and it works with your existing modem and any internet provider. eero’s plug-and-play flexibility lets you effortlessly build a setup that fits your connected home.

The eero mobile app makes it easy to build a custom mesh WiFi setup for your home. You’ll go from unboxing eero to surfing the web in 10 minutes.

Drone Video

We provide fully licensed drone filming services to a wide range of clients. Our expert pilots can fly close to objects up to 400 feet high and record both high resolution photographs and HD Video. Our aerial drones can capture information that would simply not be possible using any other method. We offer competitive aerial drone pricing and packages.

All the speed you need

Whether you like to download music, stream movies or engage in online gaming warfare with your friends, your Internet speed is important. See how we can help you reach new and exciting speeds today!

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MSG GO: Now Available for Mid-Hudson Cable Customers!

MSG GO: Now Available for Mid-Hudson Cable Customers!

  • NHL Network is now on Mid-Hudson Cable

NHL Network is now on Mid-Hudson Cable

NHL Network is now on Mid-Hudson Cable



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