ATTENTION Cable Subscribers! We are continuing to move our channels from SD quality to HD quality on our lineup. The next move will be Tuesday, AUGUST 6th.

If you are missing any channels after this date, call into the office and have a signal sent to your equipment (800-342-5400), OR send us a private message here on Facebook. Those missing channels will come right back up once your equipment has the signal! We appreciate your patience and understand it can be frustrating during these transitions but we are trying to bring you the best service possible and we are so excited to continue adding HD quality channels to our lineup!

The next group of channels being moved on AUGUST 6th are as follows: CH 2 WMHT, CH 5 QVC, CH 6 WRGB, CH 7 WCWN, CH 8 WXXA, CH 9 WNYA, CH 10 WTEN, CH 13 WNYT, CH 200 HBO, CH 275 CINEMAX, CH 280 STARZ, CH 281 STARZ EDGE, CH 250 SHOWTIME, CH 42 FYI and CH 71 TRAVEL.

Remember if you have a standard definition digital receiver you will no longer receive these channels because that receiver is a not a High definition receiver. We have made several attempts to contact all customers with standard definition receivers to schedule a change out of their equipment prior to making these changes.